Why Join?

You don't have to have a garden to join a gardeners club!

Our gardening club has members who may have a large garden or just a simple balcony  where a few herbs may be grown. Some members have no garden – they simply enjoy  our regular meetings, and love to talk about gardening. 

Here are a few of the benefits of joining Mosman Home Gardeners’ Society:

  • Enjoy  sharing gardening experiences.  

  • Learn about gardens and plants. 

  • Meet  gardeners from all walks of life; from celebrities to enthusiasts.  

  • We have a guest speaker at most of our meetings.  

  • Day trips to special garden events   

  • Learn  what new products and techniques are available in the world of horticulture.  

  • Make new friends and have fun, and experienced speakers on gardening and related topics

All of this for $20 for a single membership and $25 for a couple, per year!

Membership Form