Replanting and Care Instructions for Moth Orchids 

With thanks to Ross Bond 

  1. Lightly moisten the potting medium. Prune off flower stem. 
  2. Carefully remove the orchid from the pot. 
  3. Tease the medium (usually sphagnum moss) from the roots using a thin pointed stick. 
  4. Trim off any dead roots using a sterile trimmer. Place orchid in the same size or larger clean pot. 
  5. Re-pot with Debco small size Orchid Compost with a small addition of Horticultural Charcoal and crushed styrofoam. 
  6. Place on a sauce filled with wet gravel. 
  7. Position in a high-light room indoors with no direct sun. 
  8. Fertilize every two week with half strength Peters Orchid Food. 
  9. Water when almost dry (usually every 1-2 weeks depending on position). 
  10. Watch out for Scale, Mealy Bud and Mites. 
  11. Stake new flower stems with thin canes. 
  12. Expect up to 10 weeks or more of flowers. 
  13. Look out for bright blue Moth Orchids and jet black Cymbidiums in the future!!